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Backed by more than 100 years of law enforcement, military and security experience, American Paratus Security Agency, has the expertise to meet your security & investigative needs.

Our superior security services will add safety to your corporate facility, business, construction site, event, home, or community. Relying on comprehensive knowledge of state laws, security, and the local areas, all of our officers & investigators possess split-second problem-solving skills to prevent, deter, and detect criminal activity.

As a Central Texas-based Security Agency, every customer receives personalized security service and direct contact with management. Formed in 2014 by Steven Royce and Natalie Royce with the help of Leo Gukeisen, Marvin Royce, and Jose Vasquez American Paratus Security Agency has established a reputation for delivering exceptional security services. We have accomplished this by becoming more than just a vendor to our client; we believe we have become partners.

On January 16, 2015, American Paratus Security Agency received licensure for Guard and Investigative services by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

On September 30, 2015, American Paratus Security Agency was granted a Training Academy License by the Texas Department of Public Safety opening up the opportunity to train Security Officers and Personal Protection Officers in the State of Texas.


On March 1, 2016, American Paratus Security Agency purchased Nationwide Security & Investigations based out of Austin Texas. Nationwide Security & Investigations has been providing security and investigative services since 1988.


On March 15, 2016, American Paratus Security Agency was granted lisensure by the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training as a Security Agency.


On November 17, 2016, American Paratus Security Agency was granted lisensure by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services as a Private Detective agency.

On January 1, 2018, American Paratus Security Agency started security operations in the Mississippi. Mississippi does not have an Agency license requirement. All Security Officers are licensed by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety as Armed Security Officer and hold a Firearms permit.

Our Agency Mission:

American Paratus Security Agency is committed to providing a professional, personalized, and responsive security service through a proactive relationship with our clients. This is achieved by having a superior customer service relationship, strong integrity, and dependability that the client deserves.



Chief / Director


OFFICE OF THE CHIEF - Chief of Security


Chief Steven Royce, came from Nationwide Security & Investigations where he was since early 2007 holding the rank of Captain. In January 2008 he was promoted to Deputy Chief. In the summer of 2008 Chief Royce left to open up a new Austin, Texas based International company that proided services in Texas, USA and Dubai, UAE. In September 2012 he returned to Nationwide Security & Investigations to assume the rank of Chief of Security as the owner took on the Position of Director. Chief Royce worked side-by-side with the Director to deliver professional, consistent security services. Chief Royce has been in the public safety field for over 20 years.

Chief Royce started his Public Safety ambitions in 1995 as a Junior Fire Fighter with the Ingelheim am Rhein Fire Department. After coming to the United States he joined the Harker Heights Law Enforcement Explorers. He also served as members for both the Killeen and Harker Heights Citizens on Patrol groups.

Chief Royce is also a TASER and Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper Spray) Instructor.

In March of 2015 Chief Royce made an agreement with the Director of Nationwide Security & Investigations be aquired by American Paratus Security Agency.

Deputy Chief


OPERATIONS DIVISION - State Qualified Manager

Deputy Chief Leo Gukeisen also came to American Paratus Security Agency after serving with Nationwide Security & Investigations in April 2014. Deputy Chief Gukeisen is a 27 Year Retired Law Enforcement Officer and United States Army Veteran.

Deputy Chief Leo Gukeisen is head of all National Operations which include Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Wisconsin,  and Mississippi.

Deputy Chief



Deputy Chief Marvin Royce came to American Paratus Security Agency as an adviser. He is a retires United States Army Veteran and a former Firearms instructor for Brinks International.

Deputy Chief Marvin Royce is the Chief Development Officer

Deputy Chief


ADMIN DIVISION - Budget & Finance

Deputy Chief Natalie Royce came to American Paratus Security Agency from another profession. There she was responsible for all the service calls. She is also a former partner of an international security agency where she left in 2008.

Deputy Chief Natalie Royce is head of the Support Services Division.

Assistant Chief


ADMIN DIVISION - Personnel & Services

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Assistant Chief


SUPPORT DIVISION - Professional Standards & Training

Assistant Chief Jose Vasquez came to American Paratus Security Agency after serving with Nationwide Security & Investigations in March 2007 as a Part Time Officer. He held a Full Time employment as a HAZMAT response member for SAMSUNG. In March 2008 he was promoted to Captain.  Following the promotion of Chief Royce in September 2012 he was promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief of Security. With almost a decade in the security industry Mr. Vasquez works alongside Chief Royce and the rest of the Administrative staff to help keep a professional and consistent security service. Assistant Chief Vasquez is in charge of all National Sector Operations.

Assistant Chief



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Assistant Chief


OPERATIONS DIVISION - Special Operations

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Assistant Chief


OPERATIONS DIVISION - Security Operations


Assistant Chief Ackerley started his career out as a police, fire, ems and 911 emergency telecommunicator in 2005. In 2006 Chief Ackerley ventured to the security sector and quickly progressed to a supervisory role with Texas Star Security. In 2010 he joined Chaparral Protection Agency where he transitioned into an administrative role as the Operations Manager. Chief Ackerley is a Waco Texas native and enjoys the outdoors, he also never turns down an opportunity to enjoy some good bar-b-que. In July of 2016 Ackerley joined American Paratus Security Agency (APSA) where he has served as a member of the APSA Special Response Team (SRT), an Investigator, Precinct Sergeant, the Texas Sector Commander and is currently an Assistant Chief of Security overseeing Service Operations and the five state Sector Commanders. 

Assistant Chief


ADMIN DIVISION - Sales and Client Relations


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