American Paratus Security Agency takes providing protective services very seriously, as we are responsible for the protection of people, property, & assets.


American Paratus Security Agency security officers are required to wear professional uniforms, employ professional tactics, complete professional officer development schooling, prepare professional daily activity logs, and represent our clients in a professional manner. Above all else, a good first impression ends with the security officer being an expert in keeping clients safe and giving precise directions within clients’ buildings. Our security officers will report for duty on time, ready for work, looking sharp at all times, enforcing all policies and procedures, dealing with everyday situations while being helpful, and focused on protective services.


Backed by more than 125 years of law enforcement, military and security experience, American Paratus Security Agency, has the expertise to meet your security & investigative needs.



Our superior security services will add safety to your corporate facility, business, construction site, event, home, or community. Relying on comprehensive knowledge of state laws, security, and the local areas, all of our officers & investigators possess split-second problem-solving skills to prevent, deter, and detect criminal activity.



As a Central Texas-based Security Agency, every customer receives personalized security service and direct contact with management. Formed in 2014 by Steven Royce with the help of Leo Gukeisen, Marvin Royce, Natalie Royce, and Jose Vasquez American Paratus Security Agency has established a reputation for delivering exceptional security services. We have accomplished this by becoming more than just a vendor to our client; we believe we have become partners.




On January 16, 2015, American Paratus Security Agency received licensure for Guard and Investigative services by the Texas Department of Public Safety.


On September 30, 2015, American Paratus Security Agency was granted a Training Academy License by the Texas Department of Public Safety, opening up the opportunity to train Security Officers and Personal Protection Officers in the State of Texas.


On March 1, 2016, American Paratus Security Agency purchased Nationwide Security & Investigations based out of Austin, Texas. Nationwide Security & Investigations has been providing security and investigative services since 1988.


On March 15, 2016, American Paratus Security Agency was granted licensure by the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training as a Security Agency.

On May 1, 2017, American Paratus Security Agency started operations in the Gulfport, Mississippi area.


Our Company Mission:

American Paratus Security Agency is committed to providing a professional, personalized, and responsive security service through a proactive relationship with our clients. We have achieved this by having a superior customer service relationship, strong integrity, and dependability that the client deserves.


Click on the below location to begin the online pre-employment application process.

- Non-Commissioned*
- Commissioned
- Personal Protection Officer
- Security Consultant
- Security Sales Person
- Private Investigator
- Class D Officer*
- Class G Officer
- Personal Protection Officer
- Security Consultant
- Security Sales Person
- Unarmed Guard*
- Armed Guard
- Personal Protection Officer
- Security Consultant
- Security Sales Person
- Unarmed Guard*
- Armed Guard
- Personal Protection Officer
- Security Consultant
- Security Sales Person
- Private Investigator
- Non-Commissioned**
- Armed Guard
- Personal Protection Officer
- Security Consultant
- Security Sales Person
- Private Investigator
* Non-Commissioned Officers (TX), Unarmed Guards (OK) and Class D Officers (FL) are required to complete the State Armed Officer/Guard training course within 90 days from the start of Employment.
** Mississippi Non-Commissioned (Un-Armed) Officers will be required to obtain a Texas Non-Commissioned or Florida Class D security license.


Click here for State Licensing information


700 South Palafox St. Suite 125,

Pensacola, Florida 32502

Email: FLORIDA@apsausa.org

Admin:  850-615-APSA (2772)

Sales:  1-888-495-APSA (2772)


nsomf pin vector .png

Florida Sector

Investigation Agency A3000131

Security Agency B3000233

Training Academy DS 3000076


Mississippi Sector

Individually Licensed


Oklahoma Sector

Security 16SGA-4722

Texas Sector

Security & Investigations C19653

Training Academy F01328

Wisconsin Sector

Private Detective Agency 17188-62

"Ready To Serve Our Community"


1010 West Jasper Dr. Suite 5,

Killeen, Texas 76542

Email: TEXAS@apsausa.org

Admin:  254-212-APSA (2772)

Sales:  1-888-495-APSA (2772)

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