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  • “Please be advised under the Private Security Act (Occ. Code Chapter 1702) and Administrative Rule 35.4 (37 Tex. Admin. Code 1), a criminal conviction may disqualify you from a registration, commission or license under the Act. You may wish to review Rule 35.4’s list of disqualifying offenses and the related periods of ineligibility, available on the department’s website at http://www.dps.texas.gov/rsd/psb/index.htm (click on the link to Administrative Code).  You also have a right to request from the department a criminal history evaluation letter under Occupations Code Section 53.102.”


700 South Palafox St. Suite 125,

Pensacola, Florida 32502

Email: FLORIDA@apsausa.org

Admin:  850-615-APSA (2772)

Sales:  1-888-495-APSA (2772)


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Florida Sector

Investigation Agency A3000131

Security Agency B3000233

Training Academy DS 3000076


Mississippi Sector

Individually Licensed


Oklahoma Sector

Security 16SGA-4722

Texas Sector

Security & Investigations C19653

Training Academy F01328

Wisconsin Sector

Private Detective Agency 17188-62

"Ready To Serve Our Community"


1010 West Jasper Dr. Suite 5,

Killeen, Texas 76542

Email: TEXAS@apsausa.org

Admin:  254-212-APSA (2772)

Sales:  1-888-495-APSA (2772)

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