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1-888-495-APSA (2772)

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All American Paratus Security Agency security officers are state-licensed armed security officers. We do not believe that the little training and testing required to be an unarmed security officer is adequate to ensure the safety of not only the officers but our clients as well.

The additional training that is given in the armed security officer training course helps us provide better officers and better service.


We strive to provide the best service possible at the most reasonable price.

Our Security Officers go through an extensive background check and multiple interviews prior to being selected to join the  American Paratus Security Agency. Many of our Security Officers join our team with background training in Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, Military, and Security. Security Officers are fully qualified and trained prior to being placed on assignment.

"Ready To Serve Our Community"

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The primary purpose of the American Paratus Security Agency mobile vehicle patrol service is to avert criminals and report any out-of-the-ordinary circumstances they may notice while driving around the property. These circumstances can include property damage, lights out, trespassers, or unsecured access points. American Paratus Security Agency provides regular nightly tours of the premises to provide additional visibility and deterrence.

We respond to your alarms efficiently and quickly because we equip each patrol vehicle with a GPS tracking system and real-time online reporting. That way, we always know the exact location of our patrol officers, and we can dispatch the closest one to respond to your alarm.

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